The Elite Difference

Elite Cabinetry’s family-run business is defined by its vested, dedicated infrastructure and strong sense of purpose and pride.

Wife Carol is instrumental in the operations management and business development of the company. Daughter Brittany manages costing and ordering for Elite Cabinetry’s many ongoing design projects. Son Jacob is onsite delivering and installing custom millwork, and the rest of Elite Cabinetry’s support team are skilled professionals.

President Jamie Lawrence has been in the business for 25 years and approaches each project uniquely with his rare combination of technical engineering and general contracting expertise. Jamie leads the charge with an exacting standard of excellence, often coming into a remodeling project with a forensic eye for structural issues and functional challenges. He’s known for implementing a deconstruction assessment method that goes far beyond the typical walk-through. With Jamie Lawrence and his team, every possible challenge is proactively addressed and every design possibility is fully explored even before the project is drawn.

Precise, Personalized, Perfected.

The Lawrences are a family of cabinetry designers, estimators, and installers.

Carol Lawrence

Carol Lawrence

Brittany Lawrence

Brittany Lawrence

Jacob Lawrence

Jacob Lawrence


Although every client is unique, we have a solid process that works to help us understand each individual client’s vision. This allows us to create and match style with functionality ensuring a perfect space.


The most successful client relationships are those in which the designer and client have spent the time to get to know whether or not they are the right fit. At Elite Cabinetry, we place a great deal of value on this part of the process because we know that the right fit is crucial to a successful outcome. When we do a project, we don’t just replace what’s there…we go outside the box, we redefine the box shape, redefine the box height, and we define the whole process by how we can meet the needs of how the client lives. We seek to learn how they entertain, how they cook, and what functionality is required well before we even draw one line of their new space.


During this second step of the process, all the true design creativity, personalization, and listening happens. It’s where the function and the style of this new space is going to become truly balanced. It is now that we help the client understand what they want and need from this new space, and how it works harmoniously with the rest of their home. We facilitate the entire thought process by focusing the client’s wish list into a streamlined and functional result. Our designs and drawings take all of this information and vividly illustrate it in elaborate, complete, and revolutionary depth.


Installing an Elite environment is a science. It is one that is completely integrated with the construction, plumbing, electrical, and interior design professionals in order to seamlessly and proactively manage the installation. We walk through the site prior to our own phase, and rough in every single item we will specify and install. We ensure that all the trades know where we need power and functionality, to avoid costly delays and errors, and to guarantee our client has a cabinetry design expert that understands how all the trades fit together to produce a seamless result…which means no mistakes. We stand by our product and our process, and we know that at the end of the day, our cabinetry stand the test of time.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on. Our commitment is to become the best cabinetry design center in Southwest Florida and to establish a level of service and professionalism designed to exceed the industry standard.

Our motto is, “Do it right the first time.”