If your existing kitchen doesn’t quite meet your expectations in terms of style and usability anymore, a kitchen remodel may be in your future. There are many reasons to consider adding an island to a contemporary kitchen. First of all, “island lifestyles” can be fun. Beyond that, additional counter space and more storage are always welcomed.

However, it’s the variety of other functions that a kitchen island can serve that will make it special.

An island can be home to a second sink, an undercounter refrigerator or wine chiller, an icemaker or refrigerator drawers. It can house a cooktop or under-counter microwave, perform as a snack bar, or become a baking center. With or without surrounding stools, it offers additional serving and gathering options for the acknowledged “heart of the home”.

In short, an island can become your at-home version of paradise, fulfilling your dreams.

kitchen island ideasCreating the Perfect Island

Although most kitchen spaces can be reworked to make room for an island, there are some basic “rules” to keep in mind, and your island’s shape, size, and appearance will depend on how you plan to use it.

In addition, know that there might be restrictive building codes and functional considerations that limit available and electrical options. It’s always wise to check with local building officials before considering a renovation. This is an area where you can also rely on the design expertise and local knowledge offered by Elite Cabinetry, a full-service custom cabinetry company that also offers design and construction expertise.

While an island can add additional storage and function, it also often becomes the focal point of the kitchen. Consider both in your design. A custom island does not have to conform in style or materials to the rest of the kitchen. In fact, an exciting contemporary trend is to set an Island apart with a contrasting cabinet finish or a distinctive countertop.

Workplace or Showpiece

Consider the following:

  • Traffic Patterns: Adequate aisle width between an island and perimeter counters is vital, as is a traffic lane that routes others around the perimeter rather than through the workspace.
  • kitchen island tableAisle Width: Typically, a walk space of between 36 and 42 inches is recommended. Island placement must also take into account the effect of an opened refrigerator, oven and dishwasher drawers.
  • Functionality: An island is meant to improve kitchen layout, not to add extra steps for the cook. Your kitchen design should not require walking around the island to reach other parts of the workspace.
  • Style and Design: Today’s kitchen islands are full of unique personality. Rather than matching other kitchen cabinetry, your island might look like an aging farm table or a culinary master’s sleek stainless prep center. Feel free to choose hammered copper, smooth marble or a well-treated butcher block for your island counter. Match or contrast existing cabinetry. It’s your choice!
  • Express Yourself: Give life to a personal vision by incorporating glass-door display shelves on the public side, cookbook storage on one end, a multi-level counter, or sit-down eating space.

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