Bedroom Design Ideas to Spice up Your Haven

Ideally, your bedroom should allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep and also offer you a sanctuary for unwinding during your waking hours. Whether you prefer bedroom furniture in contemporary, traditional, or rustic style, several considerations can help convert any room into a bedroom retreat.

Bedroom Furniture Fundamentals

Every bedroom must include certain essentials. Once you put these elements in place, then you can determine whether additional furnishings are required, or can be accommodated. These include:

  • Comfort: a good mattress is essential for you to get a good night’s sleep. Selecting a bed that suits your preferences must be your priority in your bedroom furnishings.
  • Dimensions: always try to avoid overcrowding your bedroom. Reducing clutter will make navigating your daily routines hectic, and the room may end up feeling claustrophobic instead of cozy. If you have a smaller place, consider smaller scale furniture, or those that are multipurpose.
  • Placement: one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make in your bedroom is the placement of your bed. Looking at a gorgeous view when you wake up usually helps your day get off to an excellent start. However, if you lack a great view, consider a fabulous window treatment to make up for it.
  • Storage: carefully observe the amount of closet space you have in your bedroom and determine whether it will be sufficient to contain your accessories and clothes neatly. If you need extra storage, then many excellent solutions are available. Bed styles with drawers, storage ottomans, chests of drawers, bedside tables with drawers, or armoires are excellent options.

One thing you may want to avoid is placing the back of your bed against a window facing a spot that may become noisy when you want to sleep.

Once you have covered all the necessities, other items may enhance your enjoyment of the room.

  • Table and chairs are a great choice if you want to enjoy evening tea or morning coffee in your bedroom.
  • Ceiling fans are now available in a broad range of attractive designs, and they will give you soothing breezes while adding a dazzling visual accent to your room.
  • Chaise lounge, armchair, or other comfortable sitting options offer you a place to unwind when you want to remain in your quiet room but don’t want to be in bed.
  • Desk: maintaining a cluttered desk in your room may prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. If you wish to have a workspace in your bedroom, you may need to consider getting a drop down desk and an armoire, so that you can keep everything out of sight when you are ready to sleep at night.
  • Entertainment: before filling your bedroom with furniture, you need to ascertain whether you will require furniture to house a television or other electronics. Exquisite entertainment cabinets are available to complement any furniture style nowadays.

Why Get a Well-Designed Bedroom?

Having a well-designed bedroom has many advantages. Such a bedroom helps lower your stress levels by getting you to forget about the day’s stresses and enables you to get a good night’s sleep because of the comfort it affords you. It also makes you chill out for fun watching TV or enjoying a sleep-over with friends. The ambiance your bedroom projects also affects the degree of self-esteem you nurture.

Many bedroom designs and renovation tasks are simple do-it-yourself activities. However, major bedroom overhauls require the knowledge, expertise, and tools of a professional. Elite Cabinetry, an expert and industry-leading firm, can help you design and create your dream bedroom with fully customized fittings and cabinetry of your choice.

Here are a few ideas to consider for your bedroom design and remodeling task.

Skinny Bed

Setting up a four-poster bed for the bedroom may inundate the other furnishings. Try choosing a bed frame with a thin back that will blend with your bedroom. Work with very light or white walls that will enable a dark bed frame to enhance contrast. Consider adding balance to your bedroom using colors and different sizes of furniture. For instance, you can use a thin-framed bed with eminent side tables alongside the same wood finish.

Liven Up Your Bed

By focusing on your bed, you can convert your bedroom into your dream haven. You can do this using a conspicuous headboard that is possibly even multipurpose–something large enough on which you can comfortably lean against to relax before bed or to read.

Add four or more pillows to the bed to make it appear comfy and to enhance the room’s design. To achieve a streamlined look, use a persistent color palette that makes the furnishings come alive.


Lighting has an essential role in bedroom design. Many designers endorse tinkering with natural light, although it is also necessary to generate a warm nightly environment as well. Installing recessed light in the ceiling produces a mirage of a spacious room. Also, Hanging lamps like glass globes help reflect the natural light and reduce the need of light during the day. The lamps serve as decorative items in your bedroom as well.

Wall Decor is Crucial

When considering wall decor, carefully plan because it may have a significant impact on your bedroom. Placing a painting over the bed creates a magnificent focal point. Accent walls affix an additional dimension to a room. So, if you are not enthusiastic about painting walls, build an accent wall with patterned wallpaper or one that has images. You can paint the remaining walls with any complementing color you desire. Wallpapers enhance the texture of your walls and can be an excellent way of refining your bedroom.

Wooden Furniture

One of the ways of achieving a modern look in your bedroom is adding wooden furniture. Make the space lively by adding a classic wooden dresser. An antique piece serves as storage as well as a focal point. You can set it up with wooden side tables on both sides of your bed while choosing clean lines to match perfectly with your modern design bedroom.

Modernism Elements

The three elements of a modern bedroom are plenty of natural light, simple accent decors, and clean lines. Pieces of furniture should have straight shapes and lines. Regarding your bedroom decor, accent pieces like different colored vases or books add character. Also, take advantage of your bedroom windows and ensure they let in plenty of natural light.

Perimeter Shelves

A superb way to expand the usage and add grandeur to a bedroom is installing floating shelves along your bedroom’s perimeter. Since it might be difficult to reach higher floating shelves, this is the best place to store items you don’t use often. These shelves are excellent for placing photos and special keepsakes as well.

Natural Materials

Country bedrooms use more natural materials than contemporary or modern bedrooms. Such materials may look aged, close to their raw state, or weathered. Good examples are woven rugs, repurposed wooden headboards, and old wooden frames placed on the walls. Cast-iron lamps and clay potteries are excellent accent items. Stone also looks very attractive provided it doesn’t consume a lot of space.

Mix and Match

One bedding trend that is here to stay is mix and match. The right way to do it is to use only three patterns while adhering to the 60/30/10 rule. The first pattern should occupy 60 percent of the entire bedding while the second piece should take up 30 percent as accent pieces. The last 10 percent adds a bold touch. Ensure the patterns differ from one another to avoid any repetition. If you pull this off correctly, your bed will look chic and cozy.

Under the Bed Storage

If your bedroom lacks sufficient storage space, you need to consider a smart way to eliminate clutter. Luckily, you can use the area under your bed by creating a rolling under-the-bed storage box.


Building a beautiful bookcase/staircase adds significant character to your bedroom. A bookcase that transforms into stairs gives you lots of storage area while saving space.

Fold-Down Desk

A desk is essential in the bedroom, particularly if you prefer working from your sanctum. Nevertheless, setting up a desk can consume lots of room. A fold-down desk is ideal for bedrooms that lack sufficient floor area. When not needed, you can easily fold the table to the wall. When it comes to chairs, get a foldable one that you can hang on the wall, or use one from your vanity set.

Metal Structures

For a more modern and unique feel, designers recommend metal structures for the bedroom. Metal looks particularly stylish on side tables. Apart from giving your space a modern touch, they are excellent decorative pieces when you mix and match their colors with the other bedroom furnishings.

Neutral Color

A white bedroom looks elegant, chic, and clean. So, dress it up with a feature wall that enhances focus. Classic white goes well with any accent color. Then, set your bed next to the accent wall.

Choose unique furniture that complements or contrasts with white. Since white is a neutral color, you can use it with various colors. Brown, cream, or green bring an elegance that can make your relaxation more fun. Neutral shades in your bedroom don’t have to be bland because you can spice them up by adding pops of color. But if you don’t have excellent color pairing skills, choose barn white with accent pieces such as a wooden bed frame and prominent furniture.

When choosing neutral colors, go for warmer tones that are similar to natural wood.


Play about with bold colors, and try employing a monochromatic approach. This scheme of colors requires you to use one color of different shades to adorn your space including furniture pieces, beddings, curtains, and more. One advantage of a monochromatic theme is that it is simple to pair your furnishings with your colors. However, be careful and select the right color based on your taste and the availability of bedroom furnishings of the same shade. If you need to add accessories, choose those that enhance the tones, tints, and hues of the primary color.

A well-designed bedroom is your haven and is a great place to unwind after a hectic day. Contact the design and remodeling experts at Elite Cabinetry, and they will help you design and create the bedroom of your dreams.