If there is a common thread among homeowners, aside from a desire for additional storage, it may be for more distinctive space. When a child leaves for college or vacates a former bedroom to start a new life, empty nesters have a unique opportunity to reclaim that bedroom and convert it for a different purpose or transform it so the bedroom function is only a part-time need.

Whether you dream of a dedicated home office, a play space for grandkids or a place to pursue a personal passion, don’t forget the need for storage space.

The first task is to assess your needs: Will it be a total redo or simply added convenience?

Spare Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

As you decide how to use a vacated bedroom, first consider whether the need for sleeping space still exists. If your college-age kids will still be returning home for extended vacations, you could change the room’s everyday focus, but you’ll still want to provide adequate storage for their belongings and give a nod to their interests for when they visit.

It’s no longer necessary, or even desirable, to retain a room’s childlike character when the kids have left the nest!

Create a Multi functional Space

Add bed and breakfast (B&B) appeal for an occasional guest by trading twin beds or a full-size mattress for a larger queen. Add built-ins and open shelving to accommodate part-time use as a home office or arts and crafts center, and redo the closet to make it more functional.

Incorporate a Murphy bed into a wall of custom cabinetry. The result can be stunning, and the reclaimed floor space will allow the room to be used as a sewing center, art room or personal retreat. Our in-house design professionals at Elite Cabinetry will help bring your ideas to life.

Create a Totally New Space

If you have the option, a former bedroom can take on a totally new character to become a Zen retreat, hobby center, music room, meditation space or fitness studio. Your options are almost limitless.

Consider a spare bedroom remodel as an opportunity to define a new personality without tampering with the configuration. There are numerous ways to achieve that goal:

  • Improve a closet layout with redesigned hanging space, shelving and cubbies.
  • Hide arts and crafts supplies or hobby essentials behind closed doors.
  • Look to the walls to add distinctive function and boost usable floor space.
  • Install custom cabinetry to provide attractive, readily accessible storage.

Adapt and Improve Existing Space

Remodeling is a creative endeavor, so if you have the option of changing the room’s use, think outside the box and consider your individual lifestyle needs. Depending on the bedroom’s location in your home, consider revamping it as a room-sized dressing room or luxurious walk-in closet for a master suite renovation. Add a sliding door to a patio or deck so the room can function differently, or remove part of an existing wall and relocate a doorway to create new living space.

Let Elite Cabinetry Transform your Space

Whatever your unique needs, the experienced team at Elite Cabinetry stands ready to help you realize your dreams. Contact us to explore design ideas with our talented staff. Call us at 239-262-1144 so we can transform your old space into the room you’ve always wanted.