Layering is as important when planning the right lighting for your kitchen as it is when choosing a wardrobe to keep you comfortable in changeable weather conditions. A mix of lighting is recommended by designers for every room in your home, but a kitchen has distinct requirements. Here are a handful of lighting tips to keep in mind:

Supplement Natural Daylight

Consider yourself lucky if your space is flooded with sunlight during daylight hours, but also know that natural light can be harsh and unforgiving, overly bright or uncomfortably warm. Filter the daylight with blinds or curtains as necessary, and supplement the natural rays with ceiling fixtures that suggest sunlight, as well as an abundance of specific task lighting.

cool kitchen lightsTrack lighting is an effective alternative to a ceiling-mounted fixture, and recessed cans offer a clean, contemporary look.

Steer clear of fluorescent tube lighting. Not only is the look dated, but the light is hard on the eyes. Resist the temptation to place too much light overhead. Opt instead for directed task lighting, relying on ceiling fixtures for general ambiance. Use halogen of LED bulbs for clear, bright light, but don’t forget to install dimmer switches!

Eliminate Shadows and Dark Corners

Your kitchen layout will dictate the location of overhead lighting. Although ceiling fixtures should be placed to shed light throughout the room, some shadows and dark corners will invariably exist. Traditionally, you will place a fixture over the kitchen sink, but also consider lighting in the area of the refrigerator and the oven, and provide adequate lighting for a pantry or storage cabinet.

Focus on Kitchen Tasks

Dedicated task lighting is all important. Undercabinet lighting should make all kitchen tasks easier and more convenient. Modern strips are available in various lengths and finishes, and many are slim and almost invisible. Although they can be switched, the best models also have integral brightness adjustments, allowing available light to be tailored to specific needs. Modern Xenon bulbs are cooler than halogen. Even though modern appliances generally have their own lights, undercabinet lighting should be on your “must have” list.

buy kitchen lightsExpress Your Individuality

Decorative fixtures for use over an island, peninsula eating bar or informal dining area are available in a wealth of styles. Whatever your taste, you can select an elegant kitchen chandelier or a trio of art glass pendants to accent your kitchen in your own way. Our team of designers will work with you to tie your lighting together with your cabinetry and countertops to create the perfect design.

Create a Comfortable Ambience

A number of specialty options exist as well:

  • Voice-activated or motion-controlled lighting
  • Flexible tube lights for the toe kick or to nestle above upper cabinets – they cast a glow at floor level or overhead
  • In-cabinet lighting to showcase a collection behind glass cabinetry doors
  • Spots and directed lighting for artwork or plants
  • Unique decorative counter lamps that add whimsical appeal

We’re Ready to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Elite Cabinetry in Naples believes that the kitchen is still the “heart of the home.” Contact us to explore kitchen lighting design ideas with our talented staff. We’re ready to help you create your dream kitchen. Call us at 239-262-1144 so we can brighten up your kitchen.