Even though built-in cabinetry may not be the norm in modern American homes, there is a historic tradition for bedroom cabinets, and they are not limited to either master suites or children’s rooms. Instead, innovative use of cabinetry and built-ins that include window seats, bookshelves, storage cabinets and even sleeping alcoves establish unique design add functionality as well as beauty, and eliminate the need for furniture other than a bed and comfortable seating.

Scandinavian tradition and colonial style are just two examples of traditional integration of functional cabinetry with sleeping quarters. In modern homes, the undisputed convenience and enhanced storage capability of closet systems provide ample evidence that homeowners appreciate personalized storage. Putting all the pieces together to reflect your good taste is a smart decision.

bedroom storage cabinetsFit Out an Entire Master Suite

For the master suite, think of the possibilities inherent in coordinating the design style of the sleeping space, the bathroom, dressing room, and closet. Create a functional, beautiful space that is suited to your individual lifestyle, and enjoy every minute you spend in your personalized space. Consider the possibilities:

  • Install shelves for books or display as well as an entertainment cabinet to hide the TV and electronics.
  • Create a coordinated headboard and nightstands with integrated lighting for a sleek, modern ambiance.
  • Set up custom hanging space, shoe storage, shelving, and drawers in a walk-in closet/dressing room to accommodate all your needs.
  • Commission bathroom vanities and storage that complements not only the architecture but also your bedroom style.
  • Think about adding a “Morning Kitchen” or a juice and wine bar to enhance the spa-like appeal of your private retreat.

No matter what you envision, the staff at Elite Cabinetry will work with you to make your dreams real. We do much more than cabinets, and we have an interior design staff to work with you to capture and refine your vision.

built in cabinets for bedroomSecondary Bedrooms and Multi-Use Rooms

Custom cabinetry can be used to add personality, add function, and assure adaptability in secondary bedrooms. Here are just some of the possibilities that might be enticing:

  • Install a Murphy bed in a wall of linear base cabinets and add open shelving above to create a multi-purpose den that will double as an occasional guest room.
  • Create the look of a ship-shaped stateroom in a child’s room. Get creative with a bed atop shallow storage drawers, flanked by cabinetry and shelving on either side.
  • Improve a window wall and frame the view with floor-to-ceiling display shelves, cabinetry and a bench that doubles as a nap pad for your teen’s bedroom.
  • Carve out work or hobby space with the addition of a long counter, and either open or close storage units in a small bedroom.
  • Don’t forget that even small closets benefit from custom hanging space, cubbies, and drawer stacks. You’ll appreciate the efficient storage you gain, as well as the organized appearance.

As a family-run business, Elite Cabinetry has been serving satisfied clients with their kitchen design and whole-house cabinetry needs for 25 years. When you call us, you can expect the ultimate in service and design. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.