The kitchen is the gathering spot – a place where food is lovingly prepared, conversations are humming, and dreams are being created. We’re so excited that you’re planning to enhance your kitchen and personal gathering spot with new countertops and backsplash – two vital pieces to the overall design of the kitchen.

Kitchen Countertop Choices

You want your kitchen to look good, but you also want it to work with you, not against you. We get that here at Elite Cabinetry in Naples. We love combining elegance with functionality. With that in mind, when choosing kitchen countertops, there are some considerations to keep in mind, including:

  • How often do you cook?
  • Is the countertop material durable?
  • How does it handle heat or scratches?
  • Is it easy to clean?

	 countertop backsplashLow-Maintenance & High-Maintenance Countertops

Obviously, some materials are easier to maintain than others.  Materials considered high-maintenance include marble (porous), butcher block (made out of wood, which requires sealants), and granite (while beautiful and durable, it’s porous and must be sealed properly, to avoid permanent stains and harboring bacteria).

The Kitchen Backsplash Takes Center Stage

Remember back in the day when the kitchen backsplash was basically just an extension of the design on the countertop? Don’t ever underestimate the kitchen backsplash today, which can be the most stunning element of a kitchen’s design. Backsplash tiles can now run the entire length of your kitchen counter, and because the backsplash still takes up a smaller section of your wall, this gives you more opportunity to create that wow factor.  

So Many Amazing Choices

Today’s backsplash design options and choices are nothing short of amazing – natural stone, stainless steel tiles, subway tiles, embossed concrete, glass, mosaic, travertine, and faux metal.    You are limited only by your imagination, and we, of course, can help you with ideas in terms of texture and color. We will also offer other tips for choosing your new kitchen backsplash. For example, like materials used for kitchen countertops, some backsplash design elements are easier to maintain than others.   

kitchen countertops and backsplashLet’s Talk Design Vision

We would love to meet you and discuss kitchen countertop and backsplash design ideas. We want to hear all about your vision and how we can help make that a reality for you. That’s our priority. We offer some of the best countertop styles that will make an impressive statement in your kitchen.

From Our Family to Yours

Elite Cabinetry is a family-run business, working together for 25 years strong. We’re a family of cabinetry designers, estimators, and installers. Company President Jamie Lawrence and his team personally manage every project in-house, from conception to installation. You might consider it white-glove treatment.

We’re Ready to Help You Create

Are you ready to make your own design statement in your kitchen that will leave every guest in awe?  We’re ready to help make that happen for you. Fill out our form online or call us at 239-262-1144, so we can work together towards designing and creating your perfect kitchen.