The kitchen is the heart of a home. Food is our fuel – it nurtures the mind, body, and soul. But the kitchen is more than just food. It’s a place where the family comes together. Whether it’s spending quality time baking, enjoying a carefree glass of wine after a long day at the office, or even just chatting as the kids pass by, we spend an awful lot of time in our kitchens. Not only that, but the kitchen really sets the tone for your whole home. Whatever your decorative theme, the kitchen is the focal point – and should act as a cornerstone of your home’s personal style. For many,  their tired kitchen is endless trips to home improvement stores, checking out online sites for inspiration and other time-consuming activities. It doesn’t have to be that way, however: to create your dream kitchen, all you need is a pencil and a sketch.

Creating Your Dream Kitchen

If you want your dream kitchen, you can’t rely on designer trends, home improvement sales, or anything else. This is your home, your style, your space. Make your kitchen truly yours! By sitting down and drawing your dream kitchen, you are taking into account things that typical designers won’t. Looking for inspiration elsewhere is fine, but this is your space, so don’t compromise on anything.

Knowing exactly what you want and not compromising is critical to making your ideas a reality. For some, however, the artistic flair isn’t one of their skills. And that’s okay. Fortunately, there are kitchen design geniuses out there who can transform a tired space into an impressive focal point. These people aren’t designers – they’re artists.

Jamie Lawrence – Master Cabinetry Designer

Few in the industry have the expertise-how of Jamie Lawrence. For over a quarter of a century, Jamie has used his rare combination of technical engineering prowess and general contracting experience to create spaces which turn the dreams of his clients into reality. With a background in drafting and editing 2D and 3D drawings, as well as expertise in state-of-the-art AutoCAD, he personally manages every project in-house, from the initial concept to the installation by his Elite Cabinetry installation team – complete with “white glove” service to ensure everything is perfect.

Jamie has earned renown for his unique deconstruction assessment method, which is far beyond your typical design walk-through. He uses his vast expertise to come into a remodeling project, and with a forensic eye for structural issues and functional challenges, assess the layout and design a kitchen or bathroom that is truly extraordinary.

Elite Cabinetry – The Premier South Florida Design Team

Heading up a team of the leading kitchen and bathroom professionals in all of Southwest Florida, Jamie and his Elite Cabinetry team – including his family – run a business which is defined as much by its vested, dedicated infrastructure and its strong sense of purpose and pride, as it is by the unrivaled beauty of their finished projects.

If you are ready to create your perfect kitchen, give Elite Cabinetry a call today at 1-239-262-1144 to schedule your complimentary consultation. Jamie and his team will show you how to rejuvenate your tired kitchen and make your wildest dreams come true!