Most homeowners have a “wish list” that sometimes doesn’t mesh at all with the reality of an existing home. When you’re considering a remodel project for your home, whether it’s a recent purchase or you have lived there for years, you’ll want to be certain the finished work reflects your personal style and elicits a “wow” response. That’s part of the reason why using a designer is essential.

At Elite Cabinetry, we understand the angst that often precedes a desire to renovate a kitchen or an entire home. We use state-of-the-art design software and rely on our years of expertise to translate your dreams into reality, to add personality, style, and individuality to your home.

What’s On Your Wish List?

Do you long for high-tech appliances, sleek new cabinets and eco-friendly countertops in your kitchen? Would you like a room with custom-designed bookcases and built-in storage cabinets to serve as a home office and a comfortable library? Are you tired of “making do” with inefficient and cramped closets? Do you long for an updated spa bathroom to provide a pampering personal retreat? Do you want to express yourself with a hobby room, crafts center or garage workshop?

updating home interiorPerhaps you fell in love with a spectacular view, even though the existing house is a little dated and needs a makeover. At Elite Cabinetry, although we specialize in creating functional, beautiful and individualized kitchens, we are available you help you with your specialty cabinetry needs throughout the home, helping you create stylish interiors that are stunning as well as functional and innovative.

Assess Your Style

When you consider renovating your home, whether the update is confined to the kitchen or you want to redo multiple areas, the first order of business should be to analyze your style and develop a comprehensive priority list. Many homeowners find that remodeling is best undertaken in stages rather than all at once. A knowledgeable designer can help you develop a plan, in addition to offering advice on style updates, new materials, high-tech solutions, and additional possibilities to enhance the appeal and the appearance of your rooms.

Planning a Perfect Kitchen

Modern kitchens are as hardworking and functional as Grandma’s workspace once was, but because they are often visible from and integrated with adjacent living spaces, they must also be stylish and comfortable, energy-efficient, eco-friendly and easy to care for. That’s a tall order and one that requires not only construction and installation experience, but also design expertise.

upgrading your home designOur design staff is available to help you define your preferences and express your personal vision, whether you choose modern glamour, European, coastal casual, high-tech, traditional or minimalist style. We are familiar with not only workable floor plans and innovative new kitchen options, but also the best contemporary materials, smart appliances, trendy fixtures, and efficient lighting options. Creativity is a way of life at Elite, and our designs reflect the sophisticated tastes of our clients.

A great kitchen today may look nothing like “Grandma’s kitchen”, but an Elite kitchen will be unique and just as memorable! When you’re ready to talk about your project, please contact us at 239-262-1144 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you.