Finding the right designer for a new bathroom remodeling job, a new kitchen design, or overhauling your closet, is essential for a result that fits your exact needs. But you don’t want a space that’s functional, you want it to “wow” you. To get what you need, you must start by asking the right questions. Addressing specific details when planning a new room will help avoid unfortunate mistakes, wasted time and money, and unwanted surprises. Here are the five questions to ask your cabinet designer.

  1.    Do you understand my mission?

It’s not enough that you know how you want your renovated space to function. You have to make sure your cabinet designer knows it too. What good is having a vision for your space, if your designer doesn’t understand it? Your cabinet designer should know if you love to entertain, cook, and how the space will be used. Knowing that you’re on the same page will help as you make large and small-scale decisions.


Elite Cabinetry is a design studio and gallery based in Naples, Florida. Our team of experts works hard to understand how you cook, entertain, and what functionality is needed before we draw a new line of your new space.

  1. Will you provide the design and drawings, and if so, in how much detail?

This is a crucial question. As a client, you must completely understand every aspect of the drawings. If you are unsure of some part of them, or it is unclear what is being represented, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for more details. It’s important that you don’t leave anything up to chance.


  1.    Are you a kitchen/bathroom/closet specialist? If so, how many kitchens have you completed?

As a homeowner, it’s imperative that you find out what types of projects your prospective designer specializes in. Ask to see pictures and get references from former clients. If a designer has experience working on a project that is similar to yours in nature and size, it’s a good indicator of their skill set.

Elite Cabinetry President Jamie Lawrence has more than 25 years of experience utilizing his rare combination of technical engineering and general contracting experience to design exquisite spaces.

  1.    What services can you offer me?

You should have clarity about what your designer is contractually obligated to provide. Find out if your cabinet designer provides all technical, dimensional drawings, or consult on the design fixtures and fittings once everything is finalized.

Elite Cabinetry projects are completely integrated with the construction, electrical, interior design, and plumbing professional to seamlessly and proactively manage the installation. We work with all teams to avoid any costly errors and delays.

  1.    How long will the cabinets take to make and install?

The answer to this question can make or break whether you hire a cabinet designer. At Elite Cabinetry, the design and construction teams do not build or fabricate anything. We install or modify whatever is desired. We do not tear down your kitchen, bathroom, or closet and start building. Our design experts work hard to understand the flow of your home design, and how the rooms connect to each other. Every home is different, as is every design from Elite Cabinetry. Our projects are tailored to each client.

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