Elite Cabinetry

Cabinetry Bayside

This style effortlessly captures the essence of coastal living. Stylish and utilitarian fixtures, rich woods and stunning whites combine to provide a look so crisp, you can almost smell the sea.

Cabinetry Bombay

This style uses height and soft tones to create airy, inviting spaces. Regular shapes and patterns offer a classic appeal and a timeless style.

Brilliant Performance

Transform your kitchen into the perfect spot entertaining guests. Mable, grey hues and white surfaces create a mesmerizing space which evokes warmth and welcoming.

Calm Within

Your bathroom becomes a place of quiet repose with this enchanting style. Elegant and impactful mirrors and dark tones create a sense of majestic tranquility.

Design Wisdom

Elegance is elementary with this characterful style. Nineteenth century sensibilities combine with modern design to create a truly unforgettable space.

Effortless Proportion

Sleek and minimalist this style integrates the most cutting-edge design techniques to create a kitchen which is as ambitious as it is neo-industrial.

Industrial Chic

Few places in the home reveal the unassuming beauty and ease of industrial style as the kitchen. The Industrial style is one which celebrates practicality, humility and grandeur in equal measures.

Majestic Manor

The style celebrates the beauty of traditional European design. Rich dark woods and elegant light tones are the perfect match for sophisticated cabinetry and stunning hardware.

Making a Splash

Inviting, modern and magical. Transform a simple bathroom into a space you’ll never want to leave.

Mirror Image

Smalls spaces transform into grand kitchens with the addition of mirrors. In areas where storage is at a premium, concealed cabinets are a solution as brilliant as they are beautiful.

Space Reclaimed

A grand island is the centerpiece of this stunning style. Ultra-modern yet refined, this kitchen is designed with both functionality and flair in mind.

Tale ofTwo Islands

Rustic Old-World charm and the style of a professional kitchen combine to create an enchanting space. Rich dark woods, creamy marble and classical lines are a perfect match.