Remodeling your kitchen is both exciting and challenging at the same time. There are so many things to consider and questions to ask yourself before you go full steam ahead to designing your new kitchen. That is why is important to work with a professional designer like Jamie Lawrence of Elite Cabinetry who will work side by side with you from the beginning to end. Expert designers know what questions to ask you and help you figure out exactly how to make your customized kitchen dreams come true. Today’s kitchens are so much more than a utilitarian space to cook meals, they are functional, beautiful living spaces where families and friends gather together and make memories.

There are many forward-thinking trends happening in today’s kitchen designs and one to consider is modern kitchen cabinets. Your new kitchen should incorporate some of these trends while staying true to your style and the interior design of your home. For example, if you are looking for modern kitchen cabinets and your home’s decor is French country, your Elite Cabinetry designer will help you select appliances, countertops, cabinets and other accents to flow and coordinate with your French country decor. Awesome design is all about planning and knowing what is the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

Modern Ideas for Your Kitchen

Here are some kitchen ideas that Elite Cabinetry can customize for you:

modern kitchen cabinets

Storage Walls

Sleek storage that is hidden inside the walls is a trend worth watching. There are no traditional wraparound counters with cabinets built above. Modern kitchens will feature one larger island used for a workspace, one wall of cabinets and countertops, and floor to ceiling storage. This is a more contemporary look that utilizes every inch of space. Every inch matters and will have a purpose. This is perfect for smaller kitchens where space is an issue and larger kitchens that are actually great rooms that can be viewed from other living spaces in the home.

Forever Finishes

Traditional and contemporary meet with today’s more modern finishes that are strong, durable, efficient and beautiful. Look for plastered walls, marble, stainless steel. natural wood, beadboard, and polished, customized concrete. These finishes will mostly be neutrals to maintain the minimalist design.

Modern, Minimal Hardware

Materials are leaning towards the traditional look, but the hardware for cabinets and drawer pulls are no longer a focal point. As a matter of fact, they are all but disappearing. Seamless cabinets with subtle edge pulls are replacing expensive hardware and now serve as a more modern, minimalist drawer or cabinet feature. Some designers are cutting them right into the cabinets.

Hidden Range Hoods

Going along with the minimalist concept, decorative range hoods of the past are disappearing from view. Designers are “concealing” this instrumental tool sometimes being built right into the fronts of the modern kitchen cabinets. The idea is to highlight the gorgeous cabinetry, finishes and modern lines.

Back Splashes Making a Splash  

While many traditional elements of a kitchen like the range hood, hardware, and upper cabinets are taking a back seat in kitchen design, there is a resurgence of backsplash popularity. For example, backsplashes made of stone that include a narrow ledge are adding dimension to a contemporary trend. This open shelving showcases cookware, dishes, and glassware. Some are displaying clean-lined boxes on these shelves and filling them with utensils and everyday kitchen tools so they are in arms reach away.

remodeling modern kitchen cabinetsPersonal and Comfortable

Yes, modern kitchens offer a minimalist design, but will warmly display the personality of the homeowner. The kitchen, being the central meeting space, will resemble other rooms in the home and include paneled shelving that will showcase personal items, artwork, and collectibles.

Different Kitchen Sinks

Foodies, cooks, and design lovers will fall for this trend that is a perfect nod to the minimalist, space efficient kitchen of the future. The sink is now a powerhouse and takes on multiple functions like removable cutting boards, integrated pot holders, ice buckets and more.

Automobile Inspired Finishes

Glossy black panels on kitchen appliances are being replaced with more “gritty” dimensional surfaces that resemble high-end automobile finishes. Not only do these finishes offer easier care and maintenance, but they also fit into the more modern 2019 kitchen.

Metro Tile Flooring  

Going along with the more modern flooring (but with a traditional note) is as important to the entire kitchen design and metro tiles are topping the flooring list. These tiles work in many decor styles including modern. We suggest working with your designer to create a flooring pattern that will have a focal point and complement your modern kitchen cabinets as well as the entire room.

Mixing Styles  

Lastly, a modern kitchen isn’t a one size fits all approach. As mentioned above, it is the meeting place of a family’s personality. That is why there is a trend to combine styles, by selecting one prominent one and adding accents of others. For example, adding a family heirloom chandelier into your overall modern design adds the perfect personal element.

Before you begin your kitchen renovation, contact the professionals at Elite Cabinetry who will help you design the perfect, functional kitchen for your lifestyle. Call us today at 239-262-1144 and let’s get started with making your dream kitchen a reality. Every design is tailored to the needs of the home.