Italian modern kitchen design

The Italian modern kitchen is sleek, sophisticated, and most of all, convenient and useful. After all, what would an Italian do with a kitchen not made for cooking?

But the Italian design is more than just stylish and utilitarian. Whether in Tuscany, Rome, Sicily, or anywhere else on the boot, the Italian kitchen is the beating heart of the home. and as such, it’s always a warm, welcome, and inviting space — best for talking, laughing, making memories, and of course, cooking delicious food.

Why are Italian kitchen designers so in demand right now?

With Italian modern kitchen design on the rise in American homes, it’s only fitting that Italian kitchen designers are in high demand all over the states.

Unlike some of the muted popular kitchen styles of the last few decades, Italian kitchens are taking American kitchens into a whole new realm — full of vibrant Mediterranean color, relaxed yet elegant furniture, streamlined cabinetry with last-a-lifetime finishes, and a gentle flow that brings everything together.

While homeowners strive for this look, it’s only a trained Italian kitchen designer who can truly bring it to life. Every feature must be in place, and of course, it’s essential to marry the panache of your kitchen to the surrounding rooms of your home.

Why should a homeowner consider a custom modern Italian kitchen design?

Right now, new kitchen designs are heavy on modern Italian kitchen style. But as you well know, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s right.

What’s truly great about modern Italian kitchen design is the possibility it brings. While Tuscan style is rustic and fresh, South Mediterranean style is more bright and daring. Somewhere in between is the modern, Roman style — full of white marble and sleek black cabinets. As you can see, the homeowner has an array of choices and freedom.

What unifies all Italian modern kitchen designs is a focus on quality, pragmatism in design, and classic beauty that won’t go out of style. It’s a kitchen style that simply can’t be beaten.

Where do I get started finding inspiration for my modern Italian kitchen design?  

Elite Cabinetry has a wide array of photo inspiration and galleries of past projects — simply make an appointment with us to sit down with an Italian kitchen designer.

On your own, we recommend perusing magazines such as Architectural Digest, Harper’s Bazaar Interiors, Nuevo Estilo, and Vogue Living. Sites like Pinterest may also assist you in finding an Italian kitchen design that catches your eye.

About Elite Cabinetry

Established in 1932, Elite Cabinetry provides clients with a full range of Italian modern kitchen design options as well as other style options to meet their needs.

Our approach is delicate and precise, and attention to detail is a cornerstone of our business. While hard work and meticulousness go into every project we undertake, we’re also aware that every home is different. As such, we make sure that every home we work on receives the same care and attention we would give our own.

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