If you’re planning on redesigning your kitchen in order to feature modern Italian cabinets, we applaud your style. Modern Italian lines are clean, crisp, and we can only imagine what Frank Lloyd Wright would have thought of the impeccably simple design. While modern Italian cabinets are not precisely mid-century, they do share the same sensible approach to design — an approach that says “less can be more.” They are luxurious, high-end, and one-of-a-kind.

Designing Your Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets

Literally one-of-a-kind. When we design a room in your home, we begin by sitting down and listening to what the perfect room means to you. What does it look like? How does it feel? After we get a sense of what you’re looking for, we head back to the studio to work on plans. Using cutting-edge AutoCAD software, we draft 2D and 3D plans to your specifications. With your dream kitchen in mind we will design your modern Italian cabinets to be as unique as you are. Once you have had a chance to review them, we can make any changes you desire. The end result will leave you with a distinctive, upscale kitchen.

The Benefits of a Modern Italian Kitchen

Imagine walking into your kitchen at the end of a long day to see absolutely no clutter. Everything in the room has a purpose and is easy to find. That is exactly the type of lifestyle modern Italian cabinets support. Whether you want flat surfaces or dream of curved cabinets, modern Italian works. Further, we can design them in nearly any color and wood type, depending upon your aesthetic. We sometimes think of “modern” as being white, black, or gray. Really though, it’s the cuts and finishes of a cabinet that determines whether its lines are clean enough to be considered modern.

The cabinets we design for you will solely represent your taste and fit into the grand design scheme of your home. They’re certainly not the kind of cabinets you’ll find as you walk through model homes because frankly, there’s nothing cookie cutter about them. Your kitchen will be fabulous because you dared to do something outside the norm, something timeless and modern at the same time.

Designing Spaces, Not Just Rooms

Your new exquisite cabinets will be a highlight of your home. If you decide you want to carry the modern Italian feel throughout your rooms, we’ll be happy to design cabinets for your study, bedroom, bath, laundry room — or any other room where cabinets are an essential part of the design. One of the great things about our design service is that there are no hard-and-fast rules we must follow. Home decor is limited only by imagination. For example, if you want to turn a guest bedroom into a sewing room, we can create a space that is as beautiful as it is functional. If your garage has become a man cave or hobby room, why not give it the kind of finishes normally reserved for the interior? When you consider the amount of time you spend in your home each year, we think it’s worth it to create a true oasis.

Want to know more about modern Italian cabinets and how they can change the entire feel of your classic kitchen?  Looking for inspiration for any room in your home? Give us a call at (239) 262-1144and we’ll show you the myriad of ways we can makes your design dreams a reality.