What Do You Want Your Closet to Be?

Closets aren’t just for clothes anymore! Right now, closet renovations are helping people turn what used to be simply storage into an incredible space. Spare bedrooms are given a new purpose when remodeled into boudoir style closets. Walk-in closets have found new use as they are increasingly converted into office and vanity spaces. The most luxurious of all closet design is the dressing room. These sumptuous spaces operate and function as an extension of the house. They are heralded as the ultimate personal retreat and a place that promotes inner well-being. These areas feature fully furnished lounges, wet bars, and even humidors and are used to entertain friends and host gatherings in an intimate setting.

Intrigued? Well, let’s take a look at a few of the most desired elements in a dream closet:

Custom Built-in Storage

Custom furnishings are a must-have for all bespoke closets. Open shelving allows for an organized artistic display of shoes, handbags, and hat collections. Center islands offer a treasure trove of storage space – boasting pull out drawers for foldable clothing and fully customized drawer inserts to hold even the smallest of items in a pleasing way that makes dressing a joyful experience. Center islands are works of art in their own right. Glass countertops make for creative displays of jewelry and sunglasses. Scarves, ties, and belts are easily accessible from pull out cabinets that neatly hold each item in place. Every inch of closet space is designed to be both useful and elegant.

Colors And Style

Color and style are personal choices. Some homeowners prefer a seamless flow between the aesthetic of the home and the closet or dressing room, while others want the design to express a mood or a vibrant aspect of their personalities. There are plenty of opportunities for personal expression within these dressing rooms and closets. The cabinetry, millwork, and furnishings are fully customizable to any color and finish. Luxurious metals, wood, and marble are great accents to complement detailed millwork and furnishings.

Accessories and Lighting

All bespoke closets need ample lighting. It gives the room a boutique-style ambiance that makes dressing each day feel like a special occasion. Shelves, drawers, and cabinetry now incorporate lighting elements within their design. A chandelier makes any space feel opulent. Ornate floor to ceiling mirrors are also an excellent way to add personality. Three-way mirrors, swivel mirrors, and mirrored cabinet doors make small spaces appear more spacious. Remember to select cabinetry hardware as if you are choosing a piece of jewelry to wear. Use area rugs and textiles to bring color and fun patterns into your closet space. This area is perfect for a leopard print rug or any other wild pattern that you custom storage for dream closetsenjoy.

Elite Cabinetry approaches each design project with an artists eye and then creates luxury designs that will last for decades. No matter what size your closet is –whether it’s a dressing room, walk-through or walk-in closet– we can renovate your closet so that it fully expresses who you are and your style. Call us today at 239-262-1144 and let’s get started with making your dream closet a reality.

You don’t just hire builders – you hire artists!